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Ellis "Elle" Pierre, known online as Boxfulthoughts (he/they) is a transmasc cartoonist and illustrator living in Carborro, North Carolina.Tapping into the warm, nostalgic feelings of innocence and wonder from childhood, Elle strives to create a softer, kinder world through their art and stories, placing a strong emphasis on friendship and the importance of community. He hopes to create characters that become readers' lifelong BFFs and worlds that feel like home. As a neurodivergent individual (Autism/C-PTSD), Elle knows firsthand the impact a good story can have on a kid navigating the ever-confusing and complex world of growing up a bit outside the norm.Elle has done color work for such graphic novels as Twins (Scholastic 2020), Shiny Misfits (Scholastic 2023), and Creaky Acres (Kokila, TBD), as well as part-time colorist work for the webcomic Tamberlane. The first installment of their debut graphic novel series EVELYN & AVERY is being released in Fall 2024 by HarperCollins. Elle's picture book debut, Studio Mucci: A Rainbow In Your Cloud (Scholastic), a collaboration with influencer Amina Mucciolo, releases in Spring 2025.When he's not drawing, Elle can be found in the company of good friends, exploring nature, or at home watching their favorite comfort shows.For book related inquiries, please contact Elle's literary agent, Britt Siess.

Clients Include Scholastic, HarperCollins, Penguin Random House

Studio Mucci: A Rainbow In Your Cloud

By Amina Mucciolo • Illustrated by Me

Book Birthday In

    An inclusive and empowering picture book that's all about celebrating being yourself from Instagram influencer Amina Mucciolo!

    "We all have a rainbow inside, and it’s made up of all the special little things that make each of us unique." So begins Amina Mucciolo's semiautobiographical picture book about accepting and celebrating all the things that make each and every one of us special!Amina's story reminds young readers how important it is to embrace your differences and be proud of who you are. Amina's message is incredibly powerful: We are all beautiful just as we are.This empowering picture book features colorful illustrations with a cast of kids with all kinds of experiences, backgrounds, and abilities. Its message of kindness, inclusivity, and self-celebration will resonate with kids and parents everywhere.

    Shiny Misfits (Graphix)

    By Maysoon Zayid • Illustrated by Shadia Amin

    Colors by Me (with Wez Dzioba)

    Bay Ann doesn't think she's a star—she knows it! Now how does she prove it to the rest of the world? This is a hilarious graphic novel about friendship, fame, and fighting for control of your own story, perfect for fans of Nat Enough, Click, and Invisible.

    Bay Ann wants to shine. No matter what.She's sure her moment in the spotlight has arrived when she wins the school talent show with a showstopping tap routine! But then her classmate and crush, Alyee Maq, causes her to wobble and almost fall. The video of him catching her goes viral, making Alyee an overnight sensation for "helping her." Bay Ann is reduced to her disability and her talent is ignored.Bay Ann doesn't want her classmate to get all the fame, and she is NOT satisfied being anything but the best. She'll do everything in her power to beat Alyee at his own attention-seeking game. With the help of her two best friends, Michelle and Davey Matt, she'll go up against Alyee and his crew to prove she's number one.But as Bay Ann tries to find the thing that really makes her stand out, everything she tries goes disastrously wrong. What if the only way to beat her enemy . . . is to join him?

    Twins (Graphix)

    By Varian Johnson • Illustrated by Shannon Wright

    Assistant colors by Me, Damali B, Andrea Bell

    Coretta Scott King Honor author Varian Johnson teams up with rising cartoonist Shannon Wright for a delightful middle-grade graphic novel!

    Maureen and Francine Carter are twins and best friends. They participate in the same clubs, enjoy the same foods, and are partners on all their school projects. But just before the girls start sixth grade, Francine becomes Fran -- a girl who wants to join the chorus, run for class president, and dress in fashionable outfits that set her apart from Maureen. A girl who seems happy to share only two classes with her sister!Maureen and Francine are growing apart and there's nothing Maureen can do to stop it. Are sisters really forever? Or will middle school change things for good?

    Tamberlane (Webcomic)

    By Caytlin Vilbrandt • Ari Noble

    Assistant colors by Me, Nakata Whittle, Isabel "Izzy" Pereira

    The creature from the woods is stranger than she seems...

    The animal citizens of Treehollow have discovered a small, strange creature wandering alone in the forest: a human child! And they have no idea what it is. Clearly much too young to be on her own, it’s anyone’s guess how this mysterious being, named Tamberlane, ended up in their town of Treehollow.Fostered by Belfry, the accident-prone bat, and guided by a colorful cast of animal characters, Tamberlane’s mysteries continue to unfold. But questions burn in everyone’s minds: who, and what, is she? And could she have something to do with the far-off and unspeakable taboo, Abroad?An emotionally complex story, Tamberlane is also dedicated to featuring queer characters having adventures that have nothing whatsoever to do with the trials and tribulations of their identity.Winner of the 2024 Ursa Major Awards for Best Graphic Story.

    The Tamberlane Team!

    Evelyn & Avery: The Art of Friendship (HarperAlley)

    Flats by Anya Sumakova

    Book Birthay In

      Set in a whimsical world with both human and animal friends, this debut graphic novel series is about besties who make crafts, mistakes, and friendships.

      Eight-year-old Evelyn is beyond excited to enter her town's annual art show! She joins two of her friends with a plan to submit a group project, but Dylan and Avery (a playful and imaginative skunk kit) start butting heads early on in the creative process. When Evelyn tries to diffuse the tension, both friends end up angry at her and the group splits apart.What will this mean for their art—and, more importantly, for their friendships?The first book in the new graphic novel series for young readers, Evelyn and Avery is all about navigating friendship and emotions, fostering different kinds of creativity, and forgiveness. Set in a world with both human and animal characters, the series is both relatable and whimsical.

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      • I retain all rights to my finished work and preliminary materials produced during the work process. This includes, but is not limited to: distribution and reproduction (feature in an art book with client's permission), self-promotion, display on public sites and in portfolio as commission samples.

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      • Only use the preliminary materials I create (sketches, line art, etc.) to commission me or for personal use.

      • Do NOT edit, resell, trace, or make profit from the commission. Cropping is okay.

      • Do NOT use any part of the commission for non-fungible tokens (NFT), blockchain, crypto currency, AI generators, or any future development of these technologies.


      • All prices are listed and billed in USD.

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      • Full refund = net amount I receive after transaction fees.

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      • I will send you the sketch for approval.

      • After sketch approval, I will do sketch cleanup (line art) and color.

      • If more, or excessive, revisions are necessary it may increase the price.

      • Please provide feedback within seven (7) days. On the seventh day, I will send a follow up message. After another seven (7) days, I will start the next stage without waiting for approval.

      • After the final invoice is paid you will receive the full resolution PNG file. Please specify if you need a transparent image or JPEG. The working files will not be provided, only the final image.

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