Elle Pierre

Elle Pierre is a graphic novelist, illustrator and colorist living in North Carolina.Tapping into the warm nostalgic feeling of innocence and wonder from childhood, Elle strives to create a softer, kinder world through their art and stories, placing a strong emphasis on friendship and the importance of community.Elle has done color work for such graphic novels as Twins (Scholastic 2020), Shiny Misfits (Scholastic 2023), and Creaky Acres (Kokila), as well as part-time colorist work for the webcomic Tamberlane. They are currently working on their debut graphic novel series EVELYN & AVERY (HarperCollins 2024), as well as an unnanounced picture book.When they're not drawing, Elle can be found in the company of good friends, exploring nature, or at home watching their favorite comfort shows.For book related inquiries, please contact Elle's literary agent, Britt Siess.

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